Used Venus Apollo Vaporizer with Cooling Unit

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     Apollo Details

Complete list of Features

  •  Halogen heating element featuring quartz bulb and stainless steel sleeve
  •  Capacitive touch control (familiar from smart phones)
  •  User replaceable li-ion batteries 
  •  Wooden frame CNC-milled from solid oak
  •  Wooden frame surface treatment with natural beeswax oil
  •  End panels 4 mm thick aluminum
  •  Quartz glass tube 22 mm diameter, 2 mm wall thickness, length of 80 mm
  •  High capacity herb chamber, stainless steel
  •  Haptic / vibrational feedback 
  •  Boost - feature enabling maximum power always as wished
  •  Wide range of adjustments helps everyone to find their own favorite way of vaping.  
  •  Adjustable heat up period, adjustable power level, adjustable Boost power
  •  Extremely easy to keep clean, no special cleaning required
  •  Very robust, components have been chosen to last "from father to son"
  •  Long battery run time, a single charge lasts a long time
  •  Easily replaceable batteries mean that the lifetime of the vape is not limited by batteries.
  • High quality external charger included
  • Very effective vapor cooling unit available, made of stainless steel (Not included)
  • All parts are available as spare parts if ever needed


Length: 142 mm / 5.6" 
Width: 65mm / 2.5"
Thickness: 28mm / 1.1"
Weight with batteries: 300 g

Venus Apollo Vaporizer
2 x 18650 High Power Li-Ion batteries
1 x Herb Chamber
1 x Glass tube
Battery Charger

Apollo High Performance herb chamber + Cooling unit with integrated herb chamber cap + Glass tube

Instructions manual