Stash Case

We source our 420EDC Stash Cases from S3 Cases in Colorado.   There is a case for everything we carry, literally.  All of our cases offer a watertight and airtight seal to prevent unwanted dust, dirt, sand and damage to the internal content.  Due to our branding, we offer the option of leaving the 420EDC Logo off the case during checkout.  

Micro (our smallest case protects a rounded corner dual battery 18650 case perfectly)

Mini (420EDC TiChillum in either variant, Firewood4 fits in clear medical grade polycarbonate)

Milaana (Case fits RBT Milaana, MistVape Touch and Tubo-Evic vapes)

Firewood OTG (Case fits Firewood 4 and similar sized vapes and some accessories)

OZ Box (Similar to the Firewood4 OTG but thicker, holds about an ounce of cannabis flowers)

Splinter Satchel (houses the RBT Splinter mod attachment, mod and some spare batteries, the Milaana or lots of other vapes)

Zion Keeper (similar in size to Splinter Satchel but thicker, holds a lot of gear or the RBT Zion with some room to spare)