Interplanetary Development Super Weapon II (SWII)

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Super Weapon II

Size = 2.5 Inches

  • Easy Loading – We’ve removed a few teeth from both the bottom and top of the grinder. This creates an area where you can easily load your herbs. It’s a small, unconventional idea, that makes grinding so much easier.
  • Magnetic Screens – It’s now easier than ever to replace your grinder’s screen with our new magnetic design! We believe you should replace your screen, not your grinder.
  • Custom Metal Pick – We’ve designed a new metal pick that perfectly contours to the curve on the bottom collection chamber.
  • Upgraded Threading – Our new large threads unscrew in one full revolution. Relieving the frustration of having to make multiple revolutions, while also being 4 times as secure as quarter-turn threading.
  • New Colors – Matte Black, Gold, Pink, and Rasta!
  • Lifetime Warranty – The Super Weapon II now comes with a lifetime warranty! Free. Making it the last grinder you’ll ever need to buy.